Bali Bare’s Octopurse

April 4, 2016

“It’s the Octopurse. When you go to the Grocery Store you end up with too many bags and you only have two hands. So the Octopurse gives you more hands. This has a comfy handles and with these 8 hooks you can hook on tons of shopping bags, so your hands don’t hurt anymore. My dream is for everyone to have an Octopurse. To make this business work, we need capital and need your help. The Octopurse is going to be huge. Thanks for your help.”

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JoAnne Davis
JoAnne Davis
8 years ago

I saw this on The Real talk show… Excellent idea I would like to know how much this cost. It would be a blessing for me with my mobility issues.

JoAnne Davis
JoAnne Davis
8 years ago

Have you taken your idea in Shark Tank? This is really a wonderful idea.

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